The Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) CORAIL (Coral reefs in the face of global change) unites 9 French research institutions and 4 universities from across France and its tropical Overseas Territories around a common theme – coral reefs.

The LabEx CORAIL is now widely recognised as France’s authority on coral reefs and is the trusted advisor for French decision makers.

What does the LabEx CORAIL Do?

  • It unites the French coral reef research community
  • It funds coral reef research
  • It provides scientific expertise for the management and conservation of coral reefs

The LabEx CORAIL is:

  • Led by a Board of Directors
  • Fiscally managed by the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE)
  • Integrated within the IDEX Paris Sciences and Letters (ComUE PSL University Paris)